Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just 3 Things

...I love about the UK.

1. Pret A Manger
picture from their website

I'm crazy for Pret and could happily get lunch from there every single day even though they've apparently discontinued my favourite sandwich (the one that had avocado and roasted pine nuts in it...drool). Should they ever decide to open a branch in Vienna (please, pretty please!) I would single-handedly make them over-achieve their revenue goals.

2. Magazine Feebies
So this is the booty from my recent trip. Not bad, eh? I was also thinking of buying Glamour for its Benefit goodies, but as I already owned the one product I was most interested in, I resisted.

3. Salt and Vinegar Crisps

S&V crisps, by the Walkers and (Irish) Tayto brands in particular, are my favourite savoury snack. Austrian crisps-maker Kelly's once experimented with the S&V flavour (mainly available at petrol stations) but got it so wrong. The crisps tasted like nailpolish remover smells. Not in a good way. S&V crisps are a love/hate thing and I know many Austrians who love them as much as I do and would surely buy them if they were more readily available in this country. Luckily, I work in close proximity of a shop where you can buy them (overpriced) and I occasionally go for my dose of Walkers or Kettle S&V crisps.


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