Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Wonder Drug

asthmo liquid (onemorehandbag)Did you know that I do a bit of drug dealing on the side? For years, I've been supplying friends and colleagues with a cough potion I swear by and which is produced and distributed only by a pharmacy in Klagenfurt. I was first introduced to Asthmo-Liquid in my student days by the PP, who kindly offered me her precious bottle. It made my persistent bronchitis go away and I even took a bottle with me on my year abroad. It's an aquired taste (very herbal and alcoholic), but I have yet to find an adequately potent cough remedy. I've also got my boss hooked and have been supplying him for quite some time - free of charge, mind you, so I guess I have some learning to do on my way to becoming a proficient drug zar.


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