Sunday, May 23, 2010

La Dolce Vienna

Last night on the way home, somewhat intoxicated after an after-work mojito and white spritzer with the girls (an asparagus salad for lunch is not the right base for a liquid dinner...), I thought of the long weekend with less than enthusiasm. Everyone else seemed to have either left the city already for some exciting mini-break (diving in Egypt, family holiday at the Adriatic sea, girly-weekend in Oslo) or have visitors for the weekend. Sigh. Most of the time I don't mind the odd "planless" weekend, but this wasn't one of them. Thankfully, I had made plans for Saturday with Chiquita. Before meeting her for lunch, I went grocery shopping (10% off everything at BILLA, by the way) and got a beautiful mini-crate of fragrant strawberries which immediately put me in a summery mood:

strawberries (onemorehandbag)Chiquita and I had arranged to meet at Naschmarkt and with a little patiences we got a table at Neni's.
Lunch at Neni (onemorehandbag)Haya Molcho was there herself and got asked to sign her cookbook and pose with her cute sons for a photo with German tourists. We ate in glorious sunshine. Mere seconds after we got up and walked towards the Japanese supermarket, it started to rain. Perfect excuse for the best matcha latte in town:
matcha latte (onemorehandbag)Chiquita had their matcha ice-cream, which was delicious as well.

After a little detour to Bobby's Foodstore (S&V crisps!), we walked to Mariahilfer Str. through torrential rain. I satisfied my just-got-my-paycheck-induced shopping craving with a plaited leather Pandora bracelet and wasn't planning to buy anything else when a pair of cute faux snakeskin ballerinas caught my attention. My photographic fashion memory nudged me to buy them (on sale for € 34,95) as they would be a perfect match for the Bata bag bought in Bologna.

matching ballerinas (onemorehandbag)Bingo! Matchy-matchy.

It was a really nice day just to my liking and so I decided not to mope about the lack of Saturday-night-fever.


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