Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Official Member of the Cult

apple (onemorehandbag)I recently replaced my ailing Lenovo with a Macbook Pro as my official work computer. I was really exited as I'd never used an Apple computer before and heard many enthusiastic things about it. In fact, it seemed a more than religious decision.

My verdict: it is definitely the design that impresses me more than anything else, with the magnetic power plug in particular. The Mac mouse is crap and I replaced it with my old one. The external keyboard is pretty sexy as well. I'm not complaining about having to "learn" different keyboard shortcuts (I love shortcuts). As for actually working with it, though, I daresay that many Mac-ites probably only use it for fun stuff such as browsing and playing different types of media files. If you need to work with MS Office you'll have endless fun trying to find where simple functions are hidden and watch Excel crash in 10-minute intervals. A colleague who has also switched to Mac said she was going to print the rainbow-coloured circle that's the signal for a programme not reacting on a t-shirt. She christened it "Semmel" (bread roll). I'm considering a t-shirt bulk-order, by the way.


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