Saturday, May 08, 2010

Last Sunday

make-up (onemorehandbag)...I spent a girly afternoon with la Mademoiselle, who trusted me to beautify her. She's going to attend a family wedding abroad soon and arrived with the complete outfit (including shoes and handbag) to give me an inspiration for the colour-scheme. As she's a natural beauty anyway, I would have had to try hard to make her ugly, but I was still pretty pleased with "look" nr. 2, that really enhanced her features. I also realised that it's really hard to apply eye-liner and mascara on somebody else, particularly if that other person wears hard contact lenses and is highly sensitive in the eye area. In any case, my first foray into the realm of amateur make-up artists was great fun and I felt very professional when I cleaned all my brushes and sponges the night before. Any volunteers?


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