Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crocodile Reject #2

croco beauties (onemorehandbag)The January session of our book club was hosted by S1, who had recently returned from a work-trip to Italy. We got talking about the various "shopportunities" there and she mentioned that (faux) crocodile bags are all the rage again and she was determined to give her two heirlooms an airing. I was of course curious to see them and she produced the two beauties pictured above. I actually think that the beige one is snakeskin, rather than crocodile, but that's beside the point.They are both in pristine condition and incredibly chic, I think. S1 one had just about saved them from a sad fate on some skip or other as her husband had wanted to chuck them out. No joke! I almost got cardiac arrest when she told me! Not only are those bags worth quite a lot of money, but really beautiful. Back home, I unearthed a brown crocodile bag I got as a present from a long deceased great-aunt in my early teens when this was the uncoolest and most unappreciated present you could possibly imagine. Unfortunately, mine isn't nearly as chic and quite shabby-looking with it.

S1 has promised me I could take hers for a walk if I wanted.


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