Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sidetracked by Jimmy

jimmy choo sandals (onemorehandbag)It's official. I have an inbuilt bargain radar. MC, the Empress and I were out on a mission: to find the perfect wedding-guest-dress for MC. After the first shop where she had seen something in the window turned out to be closed for lunch, we hurried down Graben to our next stop when all of a sudden my bargain radar went off and directed my vision towards a shop I had never set foot in. Two rows of pretty shoes and a sign "Jimmy Choo - 90 €". I exitedly tugged the Empress at the sleeve, "Look! Jimmy Choos for 90 Euros". "We have to check this out," she commanded, as I knew she would and led the procession into the store. Faced with a handful of pairs of skyscraper high heels in impossible sizes (36 or 41, more or less) I had already resigned myself to my Jimmy-Choo-less fate when I spotted an empty box of the pretty - flat -orange sandals that had cought my attention in the first place. They were a size smaller than my usual 38, but I got the friendly (really) shop assistant to fetch the content of the box from the window for me. It was a near-cinderella moment when the shoe fit. The original price sticker (€ 495) made the purchase all the sweeter. They are so pretty, I had to sneak a peek into the bag twice at work and could just about restrain myself from stroking them.

Counting the days until the weather is warm enough for sandals...


Blogger Unknown said...

Well done, Marrie Bradshaw!

4/21/2010 08:20:00 AM  

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