Monday, April 19, 2010

Bologna Flea Market

Santo Stefano (onemorehandbag)Although I do of course like to brag with my holiday snaps, I thought I'd spare you the typical Bologna sights and show you some photos of the flea market we saw last Sunday in the square in front of Santo Stefano (aka "the Seven Churches") instead. I found it a lot more original than flea markets I've been to in Austria.

Jesus and Nude (onemorehandbag)Jesus meets foxy lady...

carriage (onemorehandbag)horse-power?

framed (onemorehandbag)framed

There were some really nice pieces of furniture that I defintely would have considered haggling for, had I been there by car. Speaking of flying: I am SO glad we did not choose last weekend for our Italian adventure.


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