Sunday, April 18, 2010

Honeybunny Brownies

choclate bunnies (onemorehandbag)As I've mentioned before, I hardly ever actually eat seasonal chocolate treats like Easter bunnies or Nikolos, but like to recycle them into cake or chocolate pudding. When the Empress who had given up all things sweet for Lent (coinciding with my Macaroon phase) kept dropping "subtle" hints as to when I would resume baking now that she was back on the heavy stuff, I thought I'd recycle both my own chocolate bunnies (Lindt) and the Milka ones that had accumulated in the office when I returned from my Easter break. I looked* at the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook for inspiration and adapted a brownie recipe:

milk chocolate brownies (onemorehandbag)As the chocolate was all of the milky variety, the result turned out rather lighter in colour, than your typical brownie but something tells me my colleagues won't mind too much...

* not "look" as in: look at the pictures as this book unfortunately contains very few photos. Had I bought it in a real bookstore rather than ordered online, I probably wouldn't have bought it.


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