Sunday, May 09, 2010

La Mamma

I'm in KLU for the weekend, mainly in order to celebrate Mother's Day with my mum and her mum today. To my shame, I have to say that my mother took care of the baking herself, making her famous choux pastry, something which I have never attempted to make myself even though she says it's dead easy, mainly because it is her signature pastry. 
choux pastry (onemorehandbag)
Knowing she would get up before me today (at 07:05, for the record), I laid the table last night before going to bed. What I am lacking in culinary spoiling, I tried to make up for with gifts, such as a handmade brooch made out of a zipper (I got the inspiration from a picture in a magazine): 
zipper brooch (onemorehandbag)Modelled by yours truly in the picture above

In my card, I said that a cool and young-at-heart Mum deserves gifts to match this. I also got her some blue eyeshadow I bought from Kiko Milano in Bologna and...ta-dah: turquoise/aqua-coloured chucks:

chucks (onemorehandbag)
When we were in Barcelona last year, she had tried on my greyish ones and commented how comfortable they were and that one could wear them with orthopaedic insoles. Knowing that she likes to wear bold colours, I decided to go for something "wild". I forgot that she's much worse than me when it comes to being OCD about colour-coordinating everything and could see her mentally inventorising her entire wardrobe, dubious she has enough items of clothing in a matching shade. I'm willing to temporarily swap with mine, though.


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