Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quite Particulière

If you're not interested in makeup at all, nor ever read women's magazines you'll be forgiven for being completely oblivious of the hype about Chanel's nailpolish in 505, Particulière. Just google it to find out how many entries will come up... I've been intrigued by its murky colour ever since I saw it on the Empress's nails, months ago. Now, even though I've had bad experiences with expensive nail polish, including a Chanel one that disappointed me by extremely streaky application and which I sold on eBay immediately, I tend not to buy cheap drugstore own-brands. However, when I saw a s-he Stylezone limited editon display at a DM drugstore, I was attracted by the similar colour and, totally expecting I would hate it, bought the incredibly cheap (less than 3 or even 2 Euros, can't remember the exact price) product anyway. On Friday night, I finally tried it and was really impressed: super-smooth application and nice results after only one coat (I put on two, though) and a good dupe for the Chanel original as well. The flash washed out the colour and and emphasised the maroon undertones more than it looks in real life, but you get the idea:
she nail polish in 500 (onemorehandbag) So if anyone is looking for a readily available dupe of the elusive Particulière, s-he stylezone's nail polish in "500" might do the trick for you for a tenth of the price. Go for it!


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