Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Direct Marketing

When I come home tonight, my cleaner will have worked her fortnightly magic on the floors and surfaces of my flat. Not everyone can count themselves that lucky and I'm not talking about those who are not able to afford the services of a professional. As I was waiting for a tram on the last bank holiday, I noticed handwritten ads on benches all over Urban-Loritz-Platz station. The heavily interpunctuated message said that its author was looking for a cleaning lady and was willing to pay a very generous € 13 per hour:

desperately seeking cleaning lady (onemorehandbag)
The usual way to find a good cleaner is by word of mouth, which is not that complicated provided you know people who know cleaning ladies and the latter have free slots in their calendars. Maybe I'm being naive and the above-average hourly pay (or even the odd periods after almost every single word) suggests that it is services of an altogether different type they are looking for. Who knows.


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