Sunday, June 20, 2010

LBB on its Maiden Cruise

So you seriously thought I'd overcome my bagdiction now that I own THE bag? Nah, I just have to excert more patience these days when I tend to buy them from one of my favourite so called shopping communities where you have to wait up to a month for your parcel to arrive (as in: don't buy ski gear shortly before your winter holiday or a bikini a week before you're off to the beach). On Thursday, my much awaited slouchy bag from Ri2K finally arrived. Ta-dah:

slouchy, we like (onemorehandbag)Isn't it a sexy little beast? I love the bee detail, not only on the front flap, but also the reverse side:
no bad backside, either (onemorehandbag)It's the perfect little(ish) black bag for events such as last night's birthday bash in honour of the Empress's upcoming 30th birthday. I haven't been to any 30th b-days since I turned 30 myself, by the way. Somehow, I seem to have upgraded to 40th parties, which do not have quite the same glamourous ring to them and remind you of your own looming dangerously close on the horizon. Change of topic...It was lovely to chat with Karel and his wife (Mrs. Gott? Darinka?), not mentioning spectacular molecular cocktails - think lots of dry ice and unexpected textures.


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