Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bloody Rip-Off!

On Thursday, I finally found out what bood type I am, 0+ in case you were wondering. The thing is, Austrians usually know what blood type they are because it's written in the little booklet of vaccination records (Impfpass) that they, or rather their mother, get when they are born. For some reason, the "blood type" field was left blank in mine:
vaccination record (onemorehandbag)Not having ever donated blood (shame on me, I know!) I lived to the old age of 38 without having a clue what blood group I belonged to. On Thursday morning I went to have my blood tested. I had last had blood drawn by a professional when I was in primary school and they just take it from the tip of a finger. This time, it was the real deal with 3 vials taken from the crook of my arm. (I had been to a doctor near work on Tuesday to get an FSME refresher shot and mentioned that I felt quite exhausted most of the time and near-comatose after meals and asked for a referral to the lab - the results don't show anything strange, as far as I've been able to tell: relieve!) I asked the lady at reception if they could also tell me my blood type while they were at it. Without batting an eyelid she said "That would be 32 Euros. We also take cards." Gulp! I contemplated the likelihood of donating blood in the near future (not very high unless I take time off from work or go in my lunch-break, when I actually prefer to put something in my system) and then reached for my bank card. I've paid obscene amounts of money for more frivolous things in the past, haven't I? But still...


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