Wednesday, March 24, 2010


L'Italiana, who - much to my delight - follows this blog from N.Y. , recently told me she always gets hungry when looking at my posts. Well, honeybuns, this is especially for you...

As the Firm's Vienna office is located smack in the city centre and we don't have a canteen, we have had ample opportunity over the years to eat at some really nice restaurants that other people only go to as a treat. After a while, though, you are faced with a bit of a "luxury problem" as we would call it in German as you notice that even the nicest restaurants get...well...boring and you wouldn't dream of dining there on weekends.

Therefore, we are always thrilled when some of us stumbles upon a new eaterie. Thanks to the Gazelle's discovery we have lunched at Köstlich, or rather got a takeaway from there, quite a bit recently. In my opinion quality of food varies, but it's definitely a good vegetarian or vegan choice. A few weeks ago, another restaurant opened right opposite of Köstlich, Hidden Kitchen. As Färberstraße, where both places are located, really is a small lane, the name is fitting. It's not a vegetarian restaurant, but like its neighbour, it is also self-service and has a big focus on vegetables. When we ate there, everything was cold, or rather luke-warm (on purpose), but the veggies I had (sweet potato, quinoa and chick peas mainly) were still very good and I liked the Rubik's cube salt and pepper shakers:
lunch@hidden kitchen (onemorehandbag)Just saying, Italiana...


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