Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If You Ever Are in Hamburg

...I have a hotel recommendation for you, the SIDE hotel. Not only is it the most stylish hotel I've ever stayed in, but their beds are by far the most comfortable ones ever. And I mean EVER. After having got up at 05:50 and done a tour of Vienna-Linz-Vienna-Hamburg accompanied by the usual train and plane announcements in mangled "English", I really felt like coming home when I entered my room with invitingly thrown back bed-covers. Aaaaaagh.

room at SIDE (onemorehandbag)The doors ofthe mini bar (left) and wardrobe (right) look like 1950s refridgerators

SIDE wardrobes (onemorehandbag)...and the toilet seats have quite a unique shape, don't you agree?
SIDE toilets (onemorehandbag)I also like the bubble/pepple like chairs and tables on the 8th floor, not that I've ever seen people actually "lounge" there:
SIDE hallway (onemorehandbag)The drawback of all the design, though, is that you tend to feel you're spoiling the concept if your own appearance isn't quite as streamlined as the interior decoration theme. In other words: I'd definitely leave the flannel PJs with teddy-bear print at home.


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