Friday, February 26, 2010

80s Flashback

There's an H&M advertisement at my bus stop which catapulted me straight back into the late 1980s:
Welcome back (onemorehandbag)
(Sorry for the reflection)

I think I'm gradually turning into my mother, who used to annoy me when I was a teenager by saying that a certain trend did not impress her in the least since she had seen and indeed worn it decades ago. Well, I have reached that (st)age myself now and vividly remember wearing a washed out denim shirt just like this one (only much larger, typical 80s "baggy" style). In any case, I think I'm going to pass second time round.

Speaking of H&M - unlike previous "for H&M" designer collections, I was quite interested in the Sonia Rykiel collection which was available in selected shops and the online store last Saturday. Not feeling like a trip downtown - as I work downtown I prefer to spend my weekends away from the city centre - nor queuing in or outside of a store, I made my first ever H&M online purchase which arrived today. Apart from 2 Sonia Rykiel items I also bought a set of towels from the Home collection which - in Austria- is not available in stores. Not bad.


Anonymous alcessa said...

Double denim - I agree, I agree - I prefer to be called old :-)

I wanted a Sonia Rykiel item, too, but I was too late for those I liked. Before that, I once bought 2 T-shirts by Matthew Williamson and they are OK. Otherwise, I'll just look at all those high fashion things without clicking. Somehow, I prefer the regular H&M clothes. I buy them online 90 % of the time...

2/27/2010 07:18:00 PM  

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