Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Update requested by her Majesty, the Empress. This is a picture of her truly beautiful and elegant R.Horn wallet (it's a long story...). She might need further confirmation that it is NOT a masculine style so if you feel like leaving a comment to say that men don't tend to use zippered wallets, feel free to do so...
R.Horn wallet (onemorehandbag)When the Empress, MC and I left the office for our midday shopping fix, we saw a red-and-white tape with bold letters saying POLICE outside the building. There was another one saying FIRE BRIGADE outside Tiffany's further down the street. The Empress visibly enjoyed the diversion:Look!(onemorehandbag)(To be honest, I had asked her to pose for a photo, causing the police-officer standing next to the fire engine to raise her eyebrows).

Why all the tape? Well, the city of Vienna always becomes a dangerous breeding ground of roof avalanches when all the snow on rooftops begins to thaw and threatens to splatter Russian oligarchs and local socialites alike.

Jokes aside, this is pretty serious and people have died after getting hit by roof avalanches. Years ago, the bonnet of my car was broken (!) after an avalanche landed on it.

Thankfully, we managed to navigate our way through the first district unharmed, dodging all the jets of water dripping down from roofs and getting rid of some money at R. Horn's and MAC.


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