Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yep, Size DOES Matter

I had 6 egg whites left from the creme brulée last weekend, which I definitely didn't want to go to waste. Being a great fan of macarons, I decided to give them a try. Well...they turned out sort of "radioactive" looking, i.e. rather huge and flatter than I would have liked:

mega macarons (onemorehandbag)Although the recipe really was as easy as Anne claimed, the problem was that a) only three egg white were needed and it was hard to divide the 6 that were all in one bowl together and that b) I don't own a piping bag, having thrown out my old one years ago. I could tell that the almond-meringue was too runny and so cheated by adding just a bit of flour. Well, they still tasted really good even though they are at least twice the size of your regular shop-bought macaron and therefore look much less sexy. I'm definitely going to make them again , though using exactly 3 egg yolks next time and matcha-mad as I am at the moment I'm planning to create "matcharons" - watch this space!


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