Thursday, April 02, 2009

Raining Red Roses

Glooorious sunshine today and a promotion act by T-Mobile right in front of our office that we knew about in advance and therefore secured a good photo spot before the action started - red and pink rose petals raining from 4 different bulidings at the intersection of Graben/Kohlmarkt/Naglergasse. Very cool and a bit like a 70s "happening".

rote rosen am graben (onemorehandbag)
red roses graben (onemorehandbag)
für mich soll's rote rosen regnen (onemorehandbag)
red roses (onemorehandbag)
rote rosen am graben (onemorehandbag)
red roses at Graben (onemorehandbag)
raining red roses (onemorehandbag)
Wouldn't mind that every other Thursday...


Blogger Unknown said...

Apologies, I definitely do owe you a waltz! Karel

4/03/2009 12:15:00 AM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

Karel, I take a voucher for the next time (when it's raining yellow tulips for example).

4/03/2009 08:52:00 AM  

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