Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shopping Misc.

This morning, ice was on the streets when I went to work. Never mind, my colourul Boden delivery instantly put me in a summery mood.
spring has arrived in the mail (onemorehandbag) (sadly, this is only part of the booty, ahem)
In my lunch hour I went to Laura Ashley, planning to buy a tin of white paint. I had not been in the shop since before Christmas and had to discover that it had become a shabby "outlet" selling their fabrics (great bargains if any of you reading this live in Vienna and currently has a decorating project going on!) plus leftovers from KA International. Hm. They had discontinued the paints and when I asked the shop assistant whether they would get clothes again, she said that all continental shops will be closed (just as they had done with Marks&Spencer a decade or so ago). I will treasure my favourite "princess dress" (a summer wedding staple) all the more now.
After stocking up on my Stella potion at Marionnaud, I went to the Body Shop to buy my secret weapon (Touche Eclat eat your heart out!). At the cash desk the young shop assistant tried to get me to buy their charity lip balm (passionfruit, yikes!), the proceeds of which go to some HIV project. Towards the end of her monologue about the rising number of young people catching the infection (admittedly, very sad) she told me about the Body Shop's co-operation with MTV, adding "the music channel" for my benefit. I was not sure whether to her I looked way too ancient to have come across MTV in my live (or, possibly even own a tv) or whether it was just part of her sermon. I didn't want to take any chances, though and refused to buy the vile-smelling lip balm, telling her I preferred to sponsor charities without buying merchandise I didn't want in the first place.


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