Saturday, March 14, 2009


Much as I love travelling for pleasure and business, I hate packing. Even though I don't visit my parents that often, I have gradually compiled a make-up stash in my room at their house that according to my Mum looks like the cosmetics corner of a department store. I won't even mention all the spare (read: currently not in favour) clothes I have in KLU. Until last year my ski gear was based in Carinthia as I mainly used it there. When an office ski trip or somesuch was planned, I would lug all the stuff eastwards, which did of course not really allow for spontaneous alpine activities, nor was it gratifying if the planned trips did not actually take place and you had to take everything back in your car. These days, I have everything twice, once in Vienna, once in KLU - skis, warm underwear, goggles, ski gloves, alpine sun screen, you name it. The only thing I only own one piece of is the new helmet my mum insisted on buying me and which contrary to my prejudices and reluctance really is very comfortable and warm. The luxury of this double equipment allowed me to hop on the train with light luggage yesterday and thus be spared the rather tiresome Friday night car journey. Seizing the time onboard for work (laptops are a compulsory accessory in first class compartments after all) and pleasure, I arrived relatively refreshed and in a good mood. Mind you, not that I would like to go on four-hours-long train journeys every weekend now, but it was a nice change and quite a novel sensation for me not to arrive with 3 suitcases and sports equipment.
Today, I went skiing on Dreiländereck in glorious sunshine, enjoying the sharp edges of my recently serviced Carinthian skis.


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