Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pimp my Rain

I suffer from a severe condition called "Shoe Alzheimer's" which results in occasionally forgetting a pair of shoes I own until I stumble upon it in a shelf or cardbord box on top of my wardrobe. This might possibly have to do with the fact that I *do* own more than 2 pairs of shoes. Well, recently I re-discovered a pair of wellingtons with a Pucci-esque print that I bought 4 or 5 years ago when funky gumboots were all the rage. Back then, I made the mistake of wearing them with bare legs in summer. I'll only say one word: vacuum.
As it has been raining more or less non-stop since yesterday morning I decided to put them on today on top of skinny jeans. And socks. It was hard to restrict myself to only deliberately walk through every second puddle. Every time a child with similar footwear walked past me, I felt like giving it a high-five.
funky wellies (onemorehandbag) When the lady in the furniture store where I ordered new mattresses called me "Gnä' Frau", my illusion of youth was instantly shattered.


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