Friday, February 27, 2009


I had completely forgotten the photos I took in KLU earlier this month, or rather, I thought I had already posted them. When Karel returned from a client meeting there last week and mentioned the omnipresent election posters, I remembered. I also remembered having recently deleted the pictures off my camera's SD card without a backup on my computer. The only one salvaged was this one:
election posters (onemorehandbag) In any case, the density of election posters (this Sunday, there are elections in the provinces of Carinthia and Salzburg) was unprecedented and the BZÖ posters particularly nauseating, with the party's leading men posing next to open fireplaces, HELLO! homestory style, in traditional costumes to undermine their allegiance to Ye Good Old National Values and in bright ski gear to demonstrate just how fit and close to nature they are.
It was hard to decide whether the amount of posters and billboards per square metre was higher in KLU or Villach. I wonder when politicians will begin to realise that in economically less prosperous times it might perhaps not be the right signal to their voters to spend so much (of taxpayers') money on propaganda.


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