Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a Vondaful Night

Last night I redeemed my great birthday present and went to see Vonda Shephard with the Empress, the Gazelle and the Mermaid (standing in for the sick MC). As there was free seating, the plan was to arrive early. Well, after a pre-concert prosecco (or two) at the new Hotel Herrenhof near the Mermaid's and our offices and a fortifying pit stop @ McDonald's we arrived at 8 sharp. Just as we had taken our seats, Vonda came on stage so we like to think she had just waited for us.
Vonda S. @ Gasometer (onemorehandbag) The sound was so perfect the Empress and I thought it was playback at first. It wasn't, though and although only 1 person in the stage had the new album when Vonda asked for a show of hands, adding "I'll play some songs from the albums with Callista Flockheart on the cover later", she sure sold crates of them afterwards and patiently signed them all.
Although "live is live" as they say in Austria, we hope MC will like her little souvenir:
signed by Vonda (onemorehandbag)


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