Thursday, January 29, 2009

All Mine!

Today, I got another year older, alas. The good thing is that, apart from yet another grey hair, birthdays tend to come with great presents. Here's some highlights of the things I got so far. Not pictured is my ticket for Vonda Shepherd (@ Gasometer in Vienna on February 9), a joint present by MC, the Empress and our lovely new colleague whom I'll call the Gazelle here as she is tall and svelte, who will all accompany me!
A very Jeff-Koons-esque bear candle by Amica:
a pretty shoe-bag and really cool book (or shall I say, Bible) by the PP and her sis:
A cute little bag and stylish notebook from one of my favourite shops by yet another colleague who I think has not been mentioned here so far and whom I'll call the Scholar as he is a reliable source of information, above all of the linguistic kind:

and a vest and undies pimped with a silkscreen print of handbags with wings and devil's horns by Frida:

I'm not complaining...
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