Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Retail Poetry

You knew, I'd order the Mandarina Duck briefcase/laptop bag, didn't you? Well, "Joy", as it is so aptly called, arrived by UPS yesterday. Only...it wasn't black, or rather "dark" as I'd expected, but a chocolate brown (not that I minded much) and and the detachable inner laptop bag and small bag were missing. It came with a neopren laptop skin instead. I decided to write to MD's customer service, hoping the ducks understood English before I'd have to assault them with my rudimentary Italian ("scusi, ma mancano le altre borse che ho visto nella foto" - you get the idea). They did understand my e-mail indeed and replied an impressive 10 minutes later in nearly impeccable Inglese, telling me that I had apparently ordered the bag in brown (not that it said the colour on the order confirmation, but anyway). They didn't answer my second question regarding the missing bags, so I asked them again, including a screenshot of the item description in the online store and a photo of the delivery. Another 10 minutes and the ducks wrote back:

It is possible that you will receive the Joy briefcase without the inner bag.
In this case, you may contact us again and we will be glad to send you the missing part.
Thank you for your kind interest.
My kind interest dictated that I contacted them again and asked them to gladly send me the missing part that was "possibly" missing.


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