Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Theory and Practice

Incidentally, it was only yesterday that Chiquita asked me if I had made any noteworthy purchases recently. No, I replied, telling her I'd been really good recently, with the exception of a little excursion to Parndorf on Saturday and the odd online order (and we all know that those don't really count, don't we?) Well, anyway, today I didn't feel like a sit-down lunch, telling my colleagues I was going for a little stroll in the spring(ish) sunshine. The little stroll took me to Steffl where a MAC shadestick (YouTube's cult make-up artist Lauren is a big fan of them) and an incredibly soft cashmere scarf (50% off the original price) brutally sprang themselves on me. I had no choice.
lunch-break friends (onemorehandbag)


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