Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is this the Road to Dunlopillo?

Yesterday, I got my much awaited new mattresses. Reasoning that the other side of my bed did not exactly get much mileage this days, I had bought 2 different ones, one super quality, the other (=mine) superduper quality. Both of them are of the spine-friendly 7 zones ergonomic variety, only with a EUR 200 price difference. This morning, I woke up relaxed and with my back happy enough, but somewhat paranoid that the contours of my body would remain indented into the foam after a single night, leaving a crime scene imprint. I wistfully detected bounciness in the other, cheaper, mattress that mine was sorely lacking and contemplated swapping them. Then again, Rome wasn't built in a day and my old IKEA ones (a coir/latex combo) were not exactly bouncy either, so I suppose I'll give it a chance.
The most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, by the way, was in Hamburg's SIDE hotel. I should have asked them where they got their mattresses.


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