Tuesday, January 09, 2007

she's a natural!

Blog-photographer, that is. When I asked my Mum if she could take a picture of me - after all she had just announced that she was thinking of buying a digital camera for herself and was eager to practice with mine- she willingly obliged. The result was the picture below, perfect for ensuring my anonymity in the blogsphere:
rt, headless (onemorehandbag)

Not only did she behead me, she simultaneously chopped off my feet, which is quite a feat. You're welcome to call me the 3/4-woman ;-)

Lunch-break purchase: A(nother) bag (30% off) from Benetton. Picture to follow. Frustration shopping at its best...

Pre-lunch-break surprise: Chiquita's dad (= my uncle) stopped by to deliver her Christmas present, two packs of anti-wrinkle-eye-pads the Mermaid and I love to pamper ourselves with after swimming and which Chiquita gets free at her workplace and "bad gal" mascara by Benefit. Even though you don't get to see pictures with my face, rest assured I'll be the Queen of Fluttering Eyelashes. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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