Thursday, January 04, 2007


Christmas holiday in KLU (onemorehandbag) I'm back after 12 days of stuffing my face (I consumed more calories and above all, more meat, in that period than in the past 6 months before) and marathon-reading (finished 6 books) whilst simultaneously listening to my granny's more than familiar stories with one ear and watching one of the programmes she loves with one eye, multi-tasking at its best! I also went skiing and saw an opera in between the strenuous tasks mentioned above. Not mentioning boosting the Carinthian economy on several occasions. Almost every day after lunch, Mum and I escaped the fog that Klagenfurt has a subscription to and went for a walk in the sun (and snow!) on Radsberg.

New Year's Eve I spent at B2 and her fiancé's. Ignoring the visibly tired hosts' need for rest I stayed until well after three. After all I had a game of Trivial Pursuit to win, didn't I?
I've never been in favour of New Year's resolutions, really. They're half the fun if you're a non-smoker and not dramatically obese or in other words rather short of things to give up noticeably, which seems to be the point. If anything, I have decided to begin 2007 with the resolution to stop whingeing 24/7. Please remind me lest I forget 2 minutes from now.


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