Monday, July 17, 2023



This time last year Covid was still very much at the top of my mind, in particular because of the implications and complications it came with, back then, such as potentially having to attend your own wedding wearing a mask (provided you'd be fit enough to do so) even if you had it already a few months ago and hopefully would be safe.
Well, this time round, the virus threw me a curveball as the Americans like to put it and I felt very "exotic" almost, provoking reactions along the lines of "Coronavirus? Seriously? Didn't know you could even still get it!" Well, you can, and thankfully, it caught me (or rather, I caught it) at a good time if there is such a thing. Not in the middle of a vacation (abroad), not when I was supposed to facilitate a workshop or attend in-person-meetings, so: not complaining. I just worked from home and cancelled all meetings with friends and a rescheduled a dentist checkup. It was intense, but short and no other (if a little shorter even) than your average common cold. Annoying (my worst symptoms were sneeze-attacks, up to 10 in a row) in particular in this weather, but absolutely "doable" and once more I was grateful that my sense of taste and smell were not affected, phew. Weirdly enough, Highflyer, who did not isolate himself one bit, did not catch it this time, so I guess I am the Chosen One, for whatever reason. The picture above shows my test on day 5 (that I noticed symptoms) when the T-line (scarlet red on the previous days) was only the slightest pink. On day 6 my test was clean and I felt more or less completely fit again. So, a little reminder-PSA: the pandemic might be officially over, but the virus is still around.


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