Monday, January 23, 2023



Everybody knows the phenomenon of mansplaining and it is every bit as annoying as its reputation, but recently I encountered several instances of  "womansplaining" that was just as bad. The female variation is particularly cringe if her special field of expertise is everything related to being a mother and/or domestic goddess. I was reminded of this phenomenon this past Friday when I attended a tofu fermentation workshop (birthday gift from the Mermaid last year that we only now got to redeem) and there was one lady, a regular workshop attendee as it turned out, who chimed in with her own experience and "wisdom" every time the owner/workshop facilitator wanted to explain something. I was on the brink of punching her and recommending she open her own workshop business since she considered herself the ultimate expert. It was so reminiscent to people on guided tours who need to make a point of telling the guide that they know way more about whatever he or she is explaining. So, so annoying and unfortunately these people mostly seem to think they are doing everyone a favour by sharing their pearls of wisdom.


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