Monday, January 16, 2023

Squared and Rooted

Have you heard of those people who, years after graduating from high school, still have occasional nightmares about (final) math exams? Well, yours truly is one of them. Numbers and me do not agree and I seem to be lacking the requisite synapses in my brain that help you understand the apparently simple problems that everybody else can solve easily. Excel is my enemy and I am guilty of typing just about everything that is more complicated than 2+2 into the Google search box. Insert shrugging emoji. Well, now I am attending an MBA programme where way more complicated "maths problems" are part of the deal and I keep thinking I might understand more of what the lecturers are presenting with so much passion (which is another pretty frightening thing that someone can be so enthusiastic about taxes, interest and the like...) if they were talking in Mandarin or Tagalog. I have enlisted everyone I know of who is more talented in this field than I am and might light a candle or two in St. Stephen's cathedral once the papers for Financing and Accounting have been submitted and graded...


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