Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 32: Harmony | Fun & Games With the Gang

As mentioned in my previous post, I was in Nice for (not quite) a week. As always, and despite the recent attacks, I had a great time and time flew by so incredibly fast.  Despite a newcomer to the Gang this year, everyone enjoyed themselves and thanks to 4 separate sets of keys we could go our separate ways and reconvene at leisure. 
Mademoiselle (not pictured above) is the Gang Leader, if you so will, and none of us would have been bitten by the Nice bug if it were not for her being friends with the owner of the flats where we stayed. We studied together at university but were more acquaintances than friends until she asked me, prompted by Amica, whether I would consider a week in Nice with her. She would not have asked if she had not been "traumatised" by joint holidays with some complicated people the years before that. The rest is history. And perfect harmony. We all agreed that going away together really is the ultimate friendship test. You might be best friends since primary school or have worked together for decades but this does not mean that your favourite person won't get on your nerves by being bossy, sleeping 2 hours longer than you each morning, not ever chipping in to pay for groceries, or have interests diametrically opposed to yours. Thankfully, the Nice Gang consists of easy-going and tolerant people who are accommodating of each other's shopping addictions, food preferences and sleeping patterns. Looking forward to next year!


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