Monday, August 01, 2016

Week 30: I Have Licked Blood | Summer to the Max

If you remember, I enjoyed 3 months of sweet summer nothingness last year. While it was not "life-changing" in any way, it certainly did confirm my suspicion knowledge that there are better things to do when it's >25° outside than sit in an office, be it air-conditioned or not.
I won't lie, this summer I've been pitying myself a tiny bit for not having as much freedom.  Then again, rare pleasures are all the sweeter and more valuable and so I try not to look back but to carve out as much enjoyment of THIS summer and seize the good weather as well as I can, such as by spontaneously hopping on a bus/train (I'd rather read than be stuck in traffic jams, sitting at the driver's seat) to Klagenfurt when the weather forecast is good. 


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