Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lunchbreak Holiday

It is days like this when I fall in love with my hometown all over again. Vienna in summer = fantastic. Due to the fact that we don't have a canteen, my colleagues and I always go out for lunch and try to find a sunny spot to soak up some vitamin D. Basking in the sunshine, we always agree that it "feels as if we were on holiday". Today we had lunch on Judenplatz, where several restaurants are located and I bullied M.C. into taking a picture of me in my new dress and statement necklace:
A (male) colleague remarked this morning if I didn't have to work any more what with all the "diamonds" around my neck. Well, getting there. Slowly. I love this comfortable dress with pockets even if it looks a bit unflattering at the top in the picture below. If you are into cotton dresses and don't want to spend a fortune, head to COS while they still have it in stock. As the Gazelle (whom I miss sorely as my lunchbreak partner in crime, by the way) used to say: navy suits everyone:
I'm also rocking my favourite summer sandals by Sonia Rykiel and beloved LV Neverfull. 


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