Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Today, the Empress graced our humble office with her regal presence. In the past year, she has become Louis Vuitton's best customer and amassed quite an impressive collection. Including a "Neverfull" bag in the same size and print as mine:
Hers is the lighter one and unlike her, I quite like the tanned effect of the leather. We had sushi and gossip in Volksgarten and parked our bags next to each other in the vain hope they'd start profiferating and produce two mini-Neverfulls. A girl can hope, right?

Afterwards, we visited one of our old hunting grounds, Tommy Hilfiger, and bought one item each that we didn't need, but absolutely had to have.

Oh, and in the afternoon I booked a oneway-flight each to London and Paris for some more girly quality-time in mid-October. I've wanted to travel from one of those cities to the other by Eurostar for ages and am really excited to be able to do this for real.

In case you were wondering what the title of this post refers to - this definition doesn't really get across the full connotations of Tussi, but I use it quite often in a self-deprecating way to describe women who love to indulge in shopping-and-cosmetics-based excursions and conversations. I only know them from hearsay, of course.


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