Thursday, August 02, 2012

Have I Mentioned that Vienna is BEAUTIFUL?

Yesterday, the Gazelle and I went to the Volksgarten Pavillion for lunch. After eating at a table in the shade, we strolled around the garden and I was once more struck by the beauty of my old hunting ground. New roses have been planted on one side and I just had to take a picture of the pink, green and white against the bright blue sky. I haven't done any editing at all, mind you:
It's sometimes easy to forget to appreciate just how nice your hometown is, even if it happens to be a lovely city like Vienna. It's great in all four seasons, but I particularly love hot summer days, even if I have to spend them at work, rather than in a pool. A colleague of ours who used to live in Hamburg for years has repeatedly remarked that she hasn't experienced such a glorious summer ever, which once more reminded me that we really are very priviledged.


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