Monday, December 06, 2010

One From the Archives...

I took this picture some weeks ago (pre-snow, obviously) when I passed a travel agency in Vienna with the promising name Luli. Hmmm.
I don't know if Luli is the proprietor's nickname or the owner hails from a country where the native language knows no negative associations with the word, but for an establishment situated in Vienna, the name is most unfortunate. Lulu, or luli is the colloquial Austrian German term for "pee" (both verb and noun) and a travel agency of that name evokes mental images of endles bus journeys with crossed legs where you are praying for the driver to stop at the next service station before it's too late.


Blogger alcessa said...

It is also drived from the Slovenian colloquial expression for the very same thing (infinitive: lulati / imperative: lulaj, shortened to: luli in Ljubljana region).

So, funnily enough, they should have thought twice LOL

12/06/2010 09:19:00 AM  

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