Saturday, November 27, 2010

Way to Go!

I've told you about my obsession with UK glossies that come with freebies. These range from paperbacks to canvas bags and fashion accessories to make-up items. The unfair thing is that whereas the magazines themselves are readily available in Austria (for at least double the RRP, mind you), they always come without the goodies. GRrrrrrrRR! German (language) magazines and advertisers have not caught on to this and so it is very rare indeed to come across a gift-bearing magazine. I lucked out (as my virtual YouTube friends would say) in the newsagent's at Munich central railway station last Sunday where I discovered a German women's magazine (of medium "glossiness") that came with an original-size Manhattan brand eyeshadow (there was a choice of at least 2 shades; I picked the turquoise one):

Yes, you could say I was suckered into buying it as I don't usually buy Petra, but that's the whole point of these freebies, isn't it? Have I mentioned that I am an easy marketing prey?


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