Friday, November 26, 2010

Sisters in Arms

This Tuesday, H&M launched its heavily-advertised Lanvin collection. Fashionistas were allocated 10-minute-slots in the inner sanctuary that was the fenced-in Lanvin realm within selected H&M stores: 
10 minute slots (onemorehandbag)
That is, provided you had managed to get one of the colour-coded bracelets with your time-slot written on it. The Empress and I had both marked the day in our calendars. 

As our office is conveniently located within spitting distance of the poshest H&M in Vienna (on the premises of the elegant Braun store), we were able to peek out of the window to see whether there was a queue at 9:00 AM. There wasn't and so we decided to go on a little reconnaisance mission. Out of purely professional interest, needless to say. We thought we could just walk into the holiest of holies for lack of other fashion addicts, but the queue had already dispersed and moved inside. We were able to get some bracelets for 11:30, though and returned to the office to await our 10 minutes of fashion exclusiveness.

wristbands (onemorehandbag)

We had of course already browsed the website (where shopping per se was impossible because of too many server requests) and already decided on which pieces to focus. In my case, it was the t-shirts/tops and accessories as the - admittedly gorgeous - dresses where much too short for me. The Empress ended up buying a very cool dress and I got the long shirt I had had my eyes on. It's not exactly office material what with the tulle and glittery beads and sequin details, but I'm sure it looks good paired with my favourite new pair of "riding" leggings from ZARA:
Lanvin haul (onemorehandbag)
The cotton bag (allegedly, the proceeds go to Unicef) was only € 3 or so, but I actually like the paper bag with double-tiered satin ribbons that you got with your purchase even better.  

The verdict: a well-orchestrated hype for admittedly rather covetable items by a great designer. I liked the necklaces and clutches, too, but the former were too heavy (my posture is bad enough as it is already) and the latter too recognisable. Ok,ok, the same can be said about the shirt, but you know...


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