Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Town Beginning with "D"

So. Where was I? Well, I spent the weekend in Dachau, Bavaria, where my mother took part in a group exhibition. Yes, that Dachau of concentration camp fame/shame. It was really strange. No matter whom I told where I was going, the person looked at me expectantly once I had mentioned the name of the town, waiting for me to come forth some kind of explanation. It's not the kind of place Austrians would associate with a holiday destination as EVERYone has dark associations with that name. In fact, I am sure many people don't know there actually is a town of that name and it's not just a place out of your history lesson.

Well, be that as it may, the old town of Dachau is quite picturesque. The town is twinned with my native Klagenfurt and after some members of Dachau's artists association had exhibited their works at Künstlerhaus in KLU, they invited members of Kunstverein Kärnten to exhibit at Dachau's Wasserturm. My Mum is one of the participating artists and since my Dad basically hates travelling beyond the town limits of KLU (or possibly, the fence of his property), I thought I'd show up as the "fan-club".

I took the (delayed) flight to MUC on Friday and returned by train yesterday afternoon. Dachau is a mere Schnellbahn ride away from Munich and it takes you a mere 20 minutes to the central train station. Very convenient indeed. 

On Saturday morning, we had a guided tour of the old town and palace in Dachau by a tourguide called Anni (see yesterday's post). Here are some impressions of the (very foggy) morning:

Here's a photo of the old town by night:

And one of the inevitable Weißwurst orgy in which my Mum and I didn't participate as we both like neither this type of sausage, nor sweet mustard: 

We do like pretzels, though:


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