Tuesday, November 30, 2010


mini LV bag (onemorehandbag)In my defense, the money that paid for this extravagance was sort of "Monopoly money", i.e. a friendly and very generous Christmas bonus  by the Firm that just shoutet "TREAT YOURSELF!" (As if I needed any encouragement).

I saw a photo of this limited edition mini pochette in the same German magazine I already mentioned here last week and could just think wantwantwantwant. Add three exlamation marks to this. !!!

I sort of suspected that it would be small, but in real life it is a bonsai bag that only resembles a normal-sized handbag if a tiny Japanese lady (or the Empress) wears it. For standard-issue European women like yours truly, it's more of a wallet. Not that it made me covet it any less. I can clip it onto my Neverfull once I wake it up from its hibernation and use it as a clutch should the need arise. Speaking of the Neverfull: it turns out that this was a real "investment" due to the fact that prices have been raised by approximately 10%. Hah!

It felt slightly strange and bimbo-ish to answer "yes" when the shop assistant asked me if I was already in their customer register. But never mind...


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