Saturday, August 28, 2010

On Thursday Night, I Had a Brazilian

No, not a waxing, dinner! Karel, who was staying at the same hotel in London, and I had arranged to go out for dinner. He was quite familiar with the neighbourhood and its choice of international restaurants. We both fancied Brazilian cuisine most as none of us had never tried it, plus Karel's wife, who's a flight attendant had ardently recommended it. We went to this place, where we ate copious amounts of different types of meat, all of them roasted on a long spit and sliced directly at your table, Kebab-style. Diners get small discs of paper which they place next to their plates. When the green side faces up, waiters know that you're up for more. When you turn it to the red side you show that you are (temporarily) full. I felt fit to explode when we left and was quite impressed when Karel picked up a 500 ml tub of Ben&Jerry's on the way home.


Blogger Unknown said...

Rumour has it that even BEER was involved that night!

8/30/2010 09:26:00 PM  

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