Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Playing Tourist

On Sunday, I had a touristy date with a German friend who has lived in Vienna for two years or so and never had an original Sachertorte. Months ago,  I had promised to accompany him on his excursion and while I'd had several pieces of Sachertorte since then (not consumed at Sacher, but bought from their shop), he was waiting for me to keep my promise, delaying the much-anticipated "first time". As it was rather hot on Sunday, what attracted me most on the menu was the "Sacher Eistorte" (ice cream cake), which I expected to be as chocolatey as the original. In fact, it was mainly buttery with hints of apricot and a kind of Bellini on the side. Interesting, but not nearly as nice as the non-frozen original. In the picture below my friend is taking a photo with his new iPhone 4 in the background and in fact everyone at all the tables in the cafe was taking pictures non-stop. Of the food and drinks, of their party, of the furniture, of themselves underneath the Empress Sisi portrait on the wall. There was a flurry of camera flashes to put a Hollywood premiere to shame.
Sacher ice cake (onemorehandbag)


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