Friday, August 13, 2010

Well, That's the Whole Point

Last night, the Mermaid and I resumed our swimming routine after Amalienbad's had reopened after its "summer holiday. As I had been to Tichy the night before which in combination with binging on sandwiches and crisps gave me the feeling I had OD-ed on ice-cream afterwards, I wasn't in an ice-cream mood. The Mermaid prefers savoury snacks anyway so we headed to McDonalds and shared a portion each of broccoli cheese nuggets and grid-cut fries (Gitter Pommes). One was greasier than the other and I wonder if anyone actually believes that there's any health merit whatsoever to cheese-covered, deep-fat-fried broccoli. Having licked our lips and fingers and washed down our nutricious meal with coke we agreed we were still peckish. None of us actually likes burgers and we didn't feel like plain fries either. I suggested we go to the Burger King across the street. There, we shared chili cheese nuggets and the Mermaid had onion rings as well (me, I hate - raw- onions, shudder!). Yep, that's the whole point of going swimming, to have the opposite of health food afterwards. Actually, though, I can only have fast food in small quantities - hence the sharing - and with weeks in between, but to ingest some kind of crap food feels both deeply satisfying and obligatory. And to think that we used to have salad or miso soup after swimming in "the early years"...


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