Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cold Spot

On Tuesday night after work, the PP's sister and I went to check out the alleged "new hot spot in the centre of Vienna", Motto am Fluss which is right on top of the new "Vienna City" boat station.
MAF1 (onemorehandbag)
It looked stylish alright, but the weather wasn't ideal for sitting by the waterfront. I'd looked at the weather forecast when I booked the table and just in case reserved a table both in- and outside, but when we arrived we thought it was mild enough to sit on the terrace. Not so. After a little over an hour we felt congealed and in bad need for a walk to thaw up our limbs. If there had been a vacant table inside, we'd happily have moved, but all was booked out.
Somewhat unfortunate photo of me with cardigan catching on denim-clad bum, making me look about as graceful as Elephant Man, but never mind...

papaya salad (onemorehandbag)
The meal: Papaya and avocado salad on quinoa. A bit too bland and starchy for my taste (I'd have preferred more mint or other herbs than quinoa and cottage cheese), but the bread ("la Marianne") was tasty.

The verdict - worth a return visit on a sunny day or else tucked away inside.


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