Friday, July 30, 2010

Au Revoir

This is the final post of "French Weeks chez Onemorehandbag". As you might have gathered from my rambles so far, la Mademoiselle and I had a great time (and I envy her the extra week she got to stay on in Nice).
me on the left with the camera

Although my luggage was full to the brim and I ended up taking my beach bag as extra cabin baggage, I certainly appreciated la Mademoiselle's generous parting gift: 12 macarons from LAC. Drool! They tasted even better than they looked:
macaronsFor a second I thought I might risk OD-ing on macarons, but let me tell you, you can never have too many GOOD macarons. Not mentioning the Bratislava mishap here.


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