Monday, July 26, 2010


Expect to be entertained/tortured with lots of Côte d’Azur-related posts for a while yet, but as a soft intro after my return, I've uploaded a video of the Italian contribution to this year's international fireworks festival in Monaco onto my YouTube channel:

It was pretty impressive although I'd have preferred more Italian music than the mainstream pop-medley the group (Società Panzera) had chosen. Last year, we happened to watch the Austrian entry, which was good, too. Apparently, the Ukrainian act earlier this month was rather underwhelming, with the fireworks not being synchronised to the music at all.

There was a lady in front of us who was talking to a friend on her mobile phone, trying to describe her whereabouts. Looking around herself, she decided to describe it as "I'm right in front of the moon". Hmmm. The person on the other hand probably replied that that wasn't exactly a precise description, because then she added "I'm right in front of the Valentino store".

Afterwards, our landlady's (who's a friend of Mademoiselle) parents asked if we needed to go to the ladies' and Madame led us to the elegant toilet in the building that houses the famous casino and also the opera. Last year, we had ended up in a public toilet as it would never have occurred to us to nonchalantly walk into the casino foyer with the sole mission to relieve our bladders. Turns out that is a perfectly normal thing to do. So now I can say that I've been "to the casino".


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